Events and Announcements

12th Annual Colorado CMA Camping TripJoin the whole fellowship for the event of the year! If you don’t have a tent, a sleeping bag, or a ride, we got you! If you don’t have a clue, talk to your sponsor!

Don’t Bring:
– Meat (We have the meats!)
– Water (Our cups doth overfloweth!)

– You! Bring your best self!
– Sunscreen (Skin cancer sucks!)
– Insect Repellant! (Trust us, you’ll need it)
– Umbrella (Who really can predict the weather?)
– Personal refillabile water bottles
– Your favorite snacks (Non-perishables, unless you bring a cooler and ice).
– An extra roll of TP/Wet wipes wouldn’t hurt!
(Bathrooms are within walking distance)
– Your favorite drinks if you don’t like water!
(Bring enough to share if you are able)
– Any needed medications
– A toothbrush and toothpaste

– This is in the mountains. Cell-phone coverage may be spotty, to non-existent

Click here for GPS Directions
– Head south out of Denver on US-285 West for about 65 miles to the top of Kenosha Pass. Just past Trailhead #6, turn left on to forest road 126. Follow the signs for CMA and continue down the hill and around the corner until you reach the site. Follow the signs for CMA.

– Contact:
– Aaron M (720) 435-0275
– Stu M (720) 454-6658
of themonth
Colorado IntergroupMonthly financial meeting for Colorado area.
7th tradition: Paypal: COAreaCMA [email protected]
6 pm Tribe Recovery
1178 Mariposa St
Denver, CO 80204
or zoom:MeetingID: 843 5262 8743
Passcode: COArea
2nd Saturday
of theMonth
Colorado AreaHybrid business meeting for Colorado area.
7th tradition: Paypal: COAreaCMA [email protected]
630 pmTribe Recovery
1178 Mariposa St
Denver, CO 80204
or zoom: Meeting ID:
843 5262 8743 Passcode:COArea
3rd Friday every month
Life After CrystalDiversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Workgroup. If you have ideas for how to make people feel more welcome at meetings or if you have ever felt unwelcome at a meeting and would like to voice your experience, come join us! All are welcome to attend.

For more information email: [email protected]

Zoom ID: 887423941
7:30 PM (Mountain)Zoom ID: 887423941